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Tracheostomy Care

Tracheostomy Care: Ensuring Optimal Health and Safety with Vardaan Health Care

A person could find themselves unable to breathe through their mouth or nose in certain circumstances. A surgical airway must be made if the doctor cannot use a face mask to bring oxygen into the patient's lungs. This procedure is called tracheostomy.

After leading an active life in their prime, senior citizens deserve individualised care and a life of dignity in their latter years. They need ongoing medical care when they experience age-related problems. The Vardaan Senior citizen care in Delhi gives you a home-like facility to provide holistic and comprehensive care for medically challenged seniors.  At Vardaan Health Care, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive and specialized care for individuals with tracheostomies

What is a tracheostomy?

A tracheostomy is a surgical procedure that creates an opening in the neck, allowing direct access to the trachea. It is performed to aid breathing when the natural airway is obstructed or compromised. Tracheostomy care plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and well-being of patients with this procedure.

In this guide, we will explore the essential aspects of tracheostomy care and how Vardaan Health Care, one of the best old age homes in Delhi can assist you in providing the best care possible.

Tracheostomy Procedure

Before the beginning of the procedure, anaesthesia is given to the patient to numb the pain. Before placing a tube into the opening, a doctor or surgeon will make a hole in your throat with a needle or scalpel. Your neck's opening will be covered with a bandage, and the tube will be secured in place with tape or stitches. The tracheostomy tube can be connected to a ventilator, a device that helps with breathing and increases the flow of oxygen to your lungs, if you are unable to breathe on your own. Tracheostomy care includes the following aspects:-

Basic Tracheostomy Care

Maintaining a clean and sterile environment

Vardaan senior citizen home emphasizes the importance of a clean and sterile environment to prevent infections. We focus on proper hand hygiene, wearing gloves, and using sterile equipment as vital steps in ensuring patient safety.

Regular cleaning and changing of tracheostomy tubes

Regular cleaning and changing of tracheostomy tubes prevent blockages and reduce the risk of infections. At Vardaan, we use appropriate cleaning techniques and choose the right equipment for carrying out such procedures.


Suctioning is necessary to clear excess secretions from the trachea and maintain an unobstructed airway. Our healthcare professionals will guide you on the proper suctioning techniques, including the use of suction catheters and the appropriate frequency for suctioning.

Skin Care

Proper skin care around the tracheostomy site is essential to prevent skin breakdown and infection. Our experts at Vardaan senior citizen home, Delhi will assist you with skin cleaning and protection, selecting appropriate dressings, and identifying signs of skin irritation or infection.

Stoma Management

Managing the stoma (the opening in the neck) requires regular cleaning and monitoring. We at Vardaan, provide you with step-by-step instructions on cleaning the stoma site, changing dressings, and recognizing any signs of complications such as bleeding or excessive discharge.

Breathing and Oxygen Support

Correct positioning of the patient is crucial for optimal breathing. Our professionals teach you the proper positioning techniques to ensure adequate airflow and reduce the risk of aspiration. Some tracheostomy patients may require supplemental oxygen. At Vardaan, we are present 24x7 to help you with oxygen administration, including the proper use of oxygen delivery systems and monitoring oxygen levels.

Emergency Preparedness

Being able to identify signs of complications or emergencies is essential for timely intervention. Care for senior citizens at Vardaan is a priority. Therefore, our caregivers are available 24x7 at the sight of even the slightest discomfort such as recognising signs of respiratory distress, tube dislodgement, or other emergencies. to take care of the health of our seniors.

Emergency response

We provide comprehensive training on emergency response protocols, including CPR, tube replacement in case of dislodgement, and steps to take in case of airway obstruction.

Comprehensive Care At Vardaan Health Care

Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre

The experts at Vardaan have years of experience which makes them adept at taking care of medically challenged seniors. The high quality senior citizen care centre in Delhi pays great attention to detail to bring an overall improvement in the life of our beloved seniors. We provide the right guidance, support, and resources needed to ensure optimal care for individuals with tracheostomies. Trust Vardaan Health Care to be your partner in tracheostomy care and for more information, visit our website Senior Citizen Home, Old Age Home In Delhi| Vardaan Healthcare today to book your appointment.

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