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Senior Citizen Old Age Home in Delhi

Senior Citizen Old Age Home in Delhi

Posted On: April 8, 2020

Senior citizen old age home in Delhi

Old Age is the golden sunset years of a senior citizen's life.They deserve to enjoy themselves and also deserve to be taken care of. They need good care in their sunset years - care of their medical issues and any chronic ailment which they may have.

Children are moving away from their homes for better opportunities leaving back their parents, thereby causing nuclear families.. These parents had worked hard for their future. The problem arises when children are not living in the same city or country and the parents have medical issues. Organising everything at home for the senior citizens suffering from age related ailments which interfere with activities of daily living and need medical attention is extremely difficult. In these conditions,organising medical help ,nursing help, worrying about the security of the elderly who are alone,are big challenges.Children worry about their parents when they start having medical issues.

People in old age need not only care but affection and continuous effort, which is sometimes not possible for the children carries a lot of experience along with itself. The golden age in this life showcases how your life had been in the past. With old age comes the responsibilities of caring yourself. And the reasons could be different!

People who have to leave for abroad and do not carry their parents along with them usually go for a nursing home which can take care of them in their absence. Another reason could be some medical condition such as dementia or physiotherapy requirement, which need a lot of time and care for the person.

Senior citizens' old age homes are made, especially for these purposes. The place is designed to keep the requirements of old age people in mind. The environment is friendly, old age home in south Delhi accommodates the senior citizen who needs medical care in different aspects such as

  • Nursing care for seniors
  • Dementia care for seniors
  • Continuous diabetic monitoring for patients
  • Ryle’s tube feeding
  • Physiotherapy for paralytic seniors
  • Postoperative care
  • Handicap senior care
  • Care of bedsores
  • Tracheotomy
  • Regular medical checkup for seniors

All these facilities have been provided by Vardaan senior citizens' old age homes under the guidance of qualified and trained medical personnel.

Vardan old age home in south Delhi is continuously working towards providing personalised care to all the seniors who lived active years of their life and now need that personal care with dignity in the golden age.

Vardaan senior citizen old age home has experience of more than ten years in the field and has actively associated with the HelpAge India.

Vardaan senior citizens' old age home also provides short term and long term rehabilitation to the seniors. The old age home assists in their daily needs ,provides good company ,helps in early resolution of medical issues .and the place with people of the same age group and the problem also helps in reviving the confidence to get cured early. This senior citizen home in south Delhi promotes positive social interaction which allows the seniors to get through the tough phase of life effectively.

Specialised attention

Senior citizen-facing any type of dementia problems need personal and specialised care. Vardaan senior citizens centre,an old age home for medically challenged seniors provides personalised care that helps them in early recovery.

The luxury old age home equipped with all the facilities required and has provision for physiotherapy as well. The medical attention along with the homely environment makes them feel cared for.

Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre specialises in advanced Dementia care. It is well equipped for Dementia care Provides holistic treatment for Dementia care ,including physical and mental wellbeing.

The clockwise medical rounds help in keeping the track record of the patients and understand their recovery better. Physiotherapy and post recovery care provided under the team of experienced medical professionals that help the person to recover as soon as possible.

The ideal location and connectivity of Vardaan senior Citizen Centre,an old age home for senior citizens with medical issues is very advantageous and makes it accessible by air and by road. The place is affordable and takes care of the personal needs of every citizen living here.

Diagnosis of symptoms of dementia can be made at home if you are observing the following with your seniors:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Losing track of time
  • Getting difficulties in remembering places at home
  • Losing a sense of direction
  • Trouble recalling names of the family
  • Quick mood swings
  • Continuous anxiety and fear
  • Getting puzzled with every thought around
  • Unclear movements
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