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Vardaan Senior Citizens

Vardaan Senior Citizen Center

Vardaan Senior Citizen Center

Posted On: April 8, 2020

Senior Citizen Care In Delhi

Old age is the golden sunset time for all human beings. It is an unavoidable time in the life of all of us. During this period in old age many health-related issues and health related complications crop up which must be addressed by the family members. At this age, all that a person requires is constant love and care from his family with proper medical guidance.

Till the time the elderly is reasonably healthy they are well managed at home. However, when medical challenges or ailments like Dementia or Alzheimer’s start problems arise within the family. At this point apart from family’s unconditional love and support professional medical help is required. Though medical help can be provided at home, but situations arise when specialized medical care needs to be provided by trained medical professionals. This care helps to alleviate the suffering faced by the seniors.

Senior citizen homes, or old age homes as people commonly call them, are special residential facilities that provide personal care for the elderly. These homes are set up to assist families in providing the best for the elderly while also giving them a homely environment. However, there are only a few specialized institutions dedicated to the betterment of the health of senior citizens. Such centres act as a home away from home where patients are given proper treatment and medication along with a holistic environment. Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre is a unique elder care centre which provides care to elderly seniors with medical challenges like:

  1. Dementia
  2. Alzheimer’s
  3. Post-stroke care
  4. Ryle’s tube feeding
  5. Tracheostomy care, etc.

Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre

Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre is a one-of-a-kind centre that provides senior citizen care for families who are unable to provide home care to the elderly who have medical problems as they do not have the required expertise or resources to take care of their elderly. It is a devoted institution serving people for more than a decade. Located within the premises of Vardaan Hospital, it is a unique home for medically dependent seniors.

Equipped with a multitude of medical equipment and a team of trained medical staff, one can be rest assured that the loved ones with medical challenges are getting the best senior citizen care for all health-related issues.

Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre provides comprehensive nursing care which includes round the clock medical support and dedicated staff to tend to patients. Physiotherapy and post-operative care are imparted to seniors who have recently undergone surgery to promote their health and speedy recovery. Our inclusive senior citizen care account for regular medical checkups and special arrangements are made for special cases. For people suffering from dementia, we provide a holistic environment for a healthy life.

Visit Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre or contact us to know more about our specialized services and medical facilities.

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