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Have the Best Care of Elderly at Senior Citizen Home

Posted On: July 19, 2021

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With time societies evolve and over the past few decades there has been a transformational change in family structure. Economic compulsions have made people very conscious of both time and money. Elderly people have to live by themselves as children have migrated to other countries either for studies or jobs. In these golden sun setting days, elderly people need extra care and utmost attention.

After leading an active life, there are times when elderly have medical ailments leading to limited movements and sometimes elderly become bedridden requiring rehabilitation and nursing care under medical supervision. They might also suffer from Dementia, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and paralysis. In all these conditions, they need assisted living or rehabilitation for varying periods.

The above issues impede the normal life of senior citizens and it becomes difficult for elderly to manage their life on their own.

This has led to a steady rise in the urgency of senior care, which resulted in the formation of old age homes.There is a dearth of senior care centres which specialize in senior care for elderly with medical challenges or needing rehabilitation.

Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre is a centre which specializes in care of medically challenged seniors.Vardaan offers long and short-termcare and rehabilitation.The centre strives for excellence and professionalism in senior citizen care.

Vardaan’s forte is Astute and Alert Supervision with Emotional Care in a Home like atmosphere.

If one is looking for ultimate homelike care with medical facilities, then Vardaan could be a one stop solution.Vardaan is among the few senior citizen care homes which cater to elderly with Dementia,Alzheimer’s, stroke,paralysis, and other ailments. Vardaan is listed as one of the most reliable centres in India.

Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre has a dedicated team of trained nurses and caring staff who believe senior care is not a job but a redemption of faith in elderly and are committed to serve them. The elderly population needs utmost attention and careful management and assistance which is provided at Vardaan so that the elderly lead a healthy and happy life. The centre is well equipped to give holistic care to physically and medically challenged seniors so that they can share love and care for them.


Let us see the advantages of keeping elderlies with medical issues in senior care centres. Though care at home is the best if the family stays together, it is a big hassle for children to organize home care if they live separately or in a different town or country. Organizing help whether domestic or medical becomes a herculean task for the children.

Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre provides a hassle-free care to elderly and loved ones living faraway need not have to worry as all care is available under one roof.

  • Vardaan provides round the clock service as well-trained medical staff is available 24*7.
  • Safety should not be concern as all services are provided under one roof with deployment of adequate security.
  • Vardaan has a community spirit. The companionship of peers prevents loneliness, depression and make the days livelier.


Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre provides holistic care by taking care of their daily activities,basic needs,wholesome food,housekeeping, and room maintenance.

The services include 24x7basic medical support to senior citizens.

The specialized services are as follows:

  • Dementia Care: This is one of the main services we provide at Vardaan. Dementia causes gradual decline of cognitive brain functions and affects the memory and thinking capacity of the person.
  • Alzheimer's care: It is one of the commonest forms of dementia. It is a gradually progressive disease and can be categorized in different stages.
  • Assisted living care: It is the service which is provided to elderlies where they are unable to take care of their day to day activities like dressing, bathing, etc.

This service is provided as:

  1. Short term
  2. Long term
  • Short-term Rehabilitation: Short term rehabilitation is provided to persons following surgery like knee replacement or hip replacement or following accidents. This brings them back to normal daily activity and they can return to their homes.
  • Long term rehabilitation: This type of rehabilitation is required in conditions like stroke, paralysis, etc. The duration depends on the condition of the person and is usually of permanent nature.
  • Post-stroke Care: Stroke being a medical emergency, affects the brain due to the interruption of the blood supply. This leads to restriction of movement, bladder and bowel incontinence, difficulty in eating and even cognitive functions.The well-trainedstaffof Vardaan gives proper post stroke care to rehabilitate them.
  • Tracheostomy care: At Vardaan expert tracheostomy care is provided to help the person can get back to normal breathing at the earliest.

About us:

Vardaan Senior Citizens Centre is one of the best senior citizen centres which is well-equipped for care of senior citizens. Over the years theendeavor has been to constantly make improvement in the care of the seniors and to make the place a secure one.

Sneak peek to the foundation

Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre is more than a decade old.Under the stewardship of Dr Rekha Khandelwal, constant improvisations have made this place a good place to live for the elderly.She is a gynaecologist by profession and has done a post graduate course in Geriatrics and Fellowship in Palliative Care. Those who have associated with Vardaan have found it to be elder-friendly and have appreciated the work being done.

Vardaan has been actively associated with Helpage India. Mr. M. M. Sabharwal, Emeritus Chairman of HelpageInda has been a mentor to the organization.A daycare centre for old age people in association with Helpage India was inaugurated by Smt. Sheila Dixit, Chief Minister, Delhi on 12 March 1999.