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9 tips that can help you care for Dementia Patients

9 tips that can help you care for Dementia Patients

Posted On: February 9, 2022

Vardaan: 9 tips that can help you care for Dementia Patients

Amongst all the neurological conditions, dementia is one of the most common conditions. This devastating neurological condition affects approximately 10 million people every year. There are different types of Dementia, Alzheimer’s being one of them. It commonly affects the elderly, but some types of Dementia also affect the younger age group. The long-popular myth that it only occurs to people who are in the later stages of their life has been ruled out with the discovery of young or teenage dementia cases. Sometimes the changes are so subtle that arriving at a conclusive diagnosis takes time. It is a progressive condition but with proper care and attention, they can lead a better quality of life even with the disease.

Spreading awareness for Dementia will help make an early diagnosis. The following tips will help in spreading awareness of Dementia:

Communicate with them

  • Be patient and remain calm, which can help the person communicate more easily. Most dementia patients find it hard to communicate and develop feelings of isolation and feel frustrated if they are unable to communicate.
  • Always keep a reassuring and positive tone and approach.
  • A reassuring pat or hand holding while communicating with them will help them understand you in a better way.
  • Patience is the key to communicating with dementia patients. Most dementia patients develop feelings of isolation and self-hatred. They feel they can communicate only with the ones with whom they feel most comfortable. It is very difficult for dementia patients to communicate with others, and they might have a lot of difficulty in communicating their thoughts. Hence a lot of patience is needed.

Actively Engage them

Another best way to help such patients is to keep them actively engaged in activities that involve fun learning. This will help them to keep their mind engaged in productive activities and will prevent them from developing negative thoughts or self destructive thoughts. This will help them in avoiding the feeling of isolation and feeling of neglect. It is best to get your little kids engaged with them in games like puzzle-solving, cross-zero and other brain games.

Work on their Hobbies

According to a leading doctor from an old age home in South Delhi, hobbies are a great way to learn new things and the best way to spend your free time productively. You can help patients with dementia to work on developing their hobbies or learn new skills. It is best to hire a tutor who can teach them skills like painting, music, singing, and other activities likewise. You can also invite their friends or group of comrades to your place, who can accompany them in such fun activities.

Organizing Schedule

Dementia patients do not just need fun and recreation all day long. Their bodies also demand rest and sleep. Hence, it is best to plan out a proper schedule for them that involves a proper time of rest, fun, activities, and exercises. The schedule will help them to lead a better quality of life even with their illness.

Routine Activity Plan

Since forgetfulness is one of the most common Dementia symptoms, it is best to plan out a schedule that involves the timing for routine activities like bathing, dressing, exercising at the same time. This will help them to maintain a track record of their routine chores and will inculcate healthy habits in them.

Nutritious Meals

Dementia patients need healthy and nutritious meals in their diet. It is best to plan out a well-balanced diet chart for them that involves a variety of meals that are rich in nutritional value. These can be milk, dry fruits, fresh fruits, vegetables, cooked lentils, juices, soups etc. It is best to take guidance from the best neurology doctors of a reputed Dementia treatment hospital regarding the same.

Light Exercising

Depending on the age factor of the patient, you can get them involved in light exercises or yoga asanas. This will improve their overall body balance and coordination, besides developing the needed strength for carrying out routine activities.

Safety Measures

Living with a dementia patient has its own challenges. It requires a lot of patience. The house also needs modifications to suit their needs. Get your home equipped with all the necessary safety equipment to avoid any threat or danger. Keep blunt objects, knives, match boxes away from reach. Insert safety plugs in the switchboards. Keep the house clutter free and well lit. This will give the patients an independent feeling and they can move freely around the home.

For any reason or logistic issues like loved ones being away from the dementia patients because of job profile, etc, Vardaan Senior Citizen Centre offers short and long stay for Dementia patients.

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