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5 Ways To Provide Care And Support For Senior Citizens With Dementia

5 Ways To Provide Care And Support For Senior Citizens With Dementia

Posted On: June 20, 2023

Caring for someone with Dementia or any other form of neurogenerative disorder at home can be challenging for family members, especially as the condition develops. Round-the-clock help becomes necessary. This assistance or monitoring can only be provided in paid senior citizen living homes, where the medically challenged seniors can get access to all kinds of medical facilities and foster in an environment that provides safety and care for senior citizens.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a category of diseases related to the slow functioning of the brain in which the patient shows signs of gradual decline in the ability to think and remember.

Dementia is more than just a memory problem. It impairs one's ability to learn, reason, retain, or recall previous experiences.

Dementia also causes a gradual deterioration in cognitive abilities, poor self-care, dependence, wandering around, anger, and unpleasant behaviour.

Causes of Dementia Mention breifly types of dementia

One of the key causes of dementia is the advancement of old age. If the elderly person has a history of ailments such as heart disease, Down syndrome, or diabetes, he/she is more likely to catch this disease. The risk increases if someone in the family has dementia. Stress and depression have a significant impact on the health of the elderly. If the senior has a long history of alcohol or drug abuse, he or she should stop immediately. Traumatic brain injuries can potentially damage the brain sufficiently to cause dementia.

10 Benefits of Physiotherapy For Senior Citizens

Ways to Provide Support And Care For Senior Citizens Living With Dementia

1. Create Memory Triggers

Dementia often affects memory recall, making it challenging for seniors to remember important information or events. In senior citizen old age home,  activities are conducted to help trigger memories in their living environment. This could include displaying photographs of loved ones, and familiar objects, or creating memory boards with key information like their name, address, and emergency contacts.

2. Engage in Sensory Stimulation

Sensory stimulation can evoke positive emotions and memories in individuals with dementia. Different sensory activities, such as listening to soothing music, aromatherapy with familiar scents, or engaging in gentle touch activities like hand massages can be used to create sensory stimulation.

3. Encourage Reminiscence and Storytelling

Reminiscing can be a powerful way to connect with seniors with dementia. Encourage storytelling by asking open-ended questions about their favourite memories, childhood experiences, or significant life events. Seniors can be encouraged to create memory books or scrapbooks together, filled with pictures and written anecdotes.

4. Implementation Of Meaningful Activities

Engaging seniors in meaningful activities can help maintain their cognitive and motor skills. Encourage activities they enjoy, such as gardening, painting, puzzles, or crafts.

5. Foster Social Interaction

Social interaction is essential for the well-being of seniors with dementia. Arrangement of regular visits or outings with family members, and friends, or participation in senior group activities. Encourage socialization by organizing game nights, book clubs, or walks in the park.

Caring for senior citizens with dementia requires compassion, patience, and adaptability. By establishing a structured routine, creating a safe environment, fostering communication and engagement, practicing patience, and seeking support, a luxury old age home can significantly enhance the quality of life of seniors.

If you are someone looking for senior citizen homes near me, Vardaan’s senior-friendly old age home is the ideal choice for you. The Senior Citizen Centre at Vardaan is well-equipped to look into the needs of medically challenged seniors and give them all the care, support and warmth they need. So what’s the delay about? Visit Senior Citizen Home, Old Age Home In Delhi| Vardaan Healthcare to know more about dementia care. With the right care and support, you can help your loved one navigate the challenges of dementia and make their journey as comfortable as possible.

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