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Old age homes- the place of love and care for senior citizens

Posted On: September 29, 2020

Old age homes- the place of love and care for senior citizens

During the active years of one’s life, one is so engrossed, that the thought of old age and how to spend old age does not occur. Maybe, this leads to a lack of understanding of the plight of senior citizens. Ever thought of the idea of getting old? We all are quite engrossed in our present active life and never think much about the passive form of our life, which is inevitable to happen in old age. Maybe that is why we never feel enough compassionate and understand the state of the senior citizens around us.

Old age is such an age, which will come to all, sooner or later. All living organism dwelling on this land has to go through the phase of senescence. Old age, demands good care and proper well-being, both physically and mentally. When the body loses its capability for doing that same chore which we have been doing for years, and we become totally dependent on others for even the basic daily activities of life. Be it going to the washroom or putting that piece of food into our mouth can be a very difficult activity for us to do, all by us. Even getting to eat the full meal for a day is diminished with passing age. This is what all the senior citizens around us go through, in their last days.

Senior citizens are like that plank on the water which saves us from drowning. But once, we come out of the water, we do not seem to look back at the plank. Be it our parents or our grandparents, they have done ample throughout their lives, just to make sure we are having a good life. Even in modest conditions, the parents work hard enough and ensures the safety and well-being of the family. But often and again, all they get in return is ignorance and abuse, in their last days. It is not even necessary for the familial ties to bind us, to at least have a humane attitude towards these trembling pillars of our society, who have rendered support all throughout the years. We can have an equally compassionate outlook for every other senior citizen around us. Because, it is a stated fact that, they have some way or the other giving us a safe environment or support during our growing days.

When it comes to the time of taking care of the senior citizens, sit by, and hold their trembling hands, we often seem to take a step back. Intentionally or unintentionally be it, we often find us in a position, where we are neglecting and not providing the sufficient need to the senior citizens around us.

As the world is changing fast, there are many things that have been vastly impacted. The important of all is the family structure. Earlier, the family used to have a whopping number of members, but today the case has changed, possibly for the better. But this had and outstretched effect on the ones who really require the care and attention- senior citizens. When the number of members is getting lesser by the day, the size of the houses is also seeing the same constriction. Not only that, but the standards of living in today’s world have also reached sky-high. To affords a bare minimum of living, one has to work day in and out for making the ends meet. It is very difficult, generally for the families who have a single bread-winner, in a metropolitan city. Given that the earnings are not outstandingly high, paying school fees for the kid, other commodities, it becomes tough for them to pay the rent of, even their 1BHK rooms. The bare requisite for shifting to a better size accommodation is money. This leads to other members of the family as well, to go and earn money. In traditional house set-ups, the members who often had been taking up the responsibility for the care of senior citizens, have to work today to have a modest living standard. Given the zero work-life balance, no one in the family has enough time to spare and sit by or take adequate care for the senior citizens at home.

All this rolls down to a point, where the senior citizens are neglected and not taken enough care of. The abode for them, thus, becomes the old age homes. Today there are many old age homes in Delhi, which provides enough care and professional medical assistance to the ailing senior citizens. Look for the best old age home in Delhi, and after ensuring, entrust them with your loved ones, rather than keeping them at a corner of your house. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, there is no reason to neglect the senior citizens around us. It is always a better option to entrust them, in the hands of a good old age home after ensuring they will render the best care for your parents or grandparents.